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Our Vision

Libereum wants to break the system where crypto is reserved for the lucky few and perhaps even the elite. We want to make crypto accessible for the mass giving everybody a chance to participate in and maintain their own economy ruled by themselves and not by the institutes that rule the old debt-based economy. Unfortunately, Bitcoin has become another playground for the powers that be as they see the true potential of cryptocurrencies. It’s imperative that we, the people, keep playing our role in the debtbased economy so that it can be maintained. Without participants it would become unsustainable to begin with.

Whale's game

A quick glance at the Bitcoin wallets and trade volumes teaches us that Bitcoin has indeed become another playground for the haves as only 5% of all wallets have over 80% of the total market in hands. This is far away from the purity and the idea of self-empowerment behind Bitcoin and crypto in general as it was developed to oppose exactly that what it has become now. Ruled by the few it has become a whale’s game. We still believe in the true power of crypto and have concluded that with the right approach this could truly become the gamechanger everybody is waiting for.

From the start not ruled by the few but by the many, across the world not bound by borders but connected through their passion:

The love for Sports.

7 +
Billion Annual Revenue in the football industry
200 +
Libereum Investors
0.01 +
Billion Football Fans

What is libereum?

Libereum (LIBER) is an ERC20 Token which will initially focus on building a network of users in the sports industry and by doing so bring crypto to the masses. In other words, we aim to create a new economy in and around the clubs where our Liber token is the leading currency. To achieve this Libereum has set milestones which pave the way and measure the success.

Our Milestones

Reaching the Soft Cap of the Token Sale
Libereum has been registered and has been operating since June 2018. Since then we have held a Private Token sale From June until September 2018 adding over 400 people to the Libereum Network.

Our first milestone is to achieve awareness from the crypto industry. That’s why we set up a brand-new website to be found at
We plan to make Libereum a common household name in both the crypto world as well as the more conventional sporting industry. For that we need all promotion towards Libereum itself. Running an IEO would mean that we would promote the Exchange hosting the IEO which in turn would result in less promotion towards Libereum itself.

Setting up a network of Libereum OTC Partners and Stores.
After reaching the first milestone of the project, the Soft Cap, we will start setting up a network of “over the counter” Libereum selling points. The so called Libereum Stores will act as an intermediary between exchanges and the people where everybody can exchange and trade Liber and other crypto currencies. Main trading pairs will be LIB/FIAT and LIB/CRYPTO. We aim to set these up all over the world but in the beginning mainly around the cities and regions where we become part of the Football Clubs.

These Stores can be set up in and around the Stadiums or storeowners can partner with us and become the Liber version of Western Union. However, these partnerships are more aimed to open up towards the moment that we announce becoming majority shareholder of a club.

The finalisation of the Token Sale.
During the Token Sale we aim to add countless professional and non-professional sportclubs to our network. Obviously, the announcement of Libereum becoming an official partner of countless clubs will boost the marketing on itself. Adding the members of each club to our network and raising awareness by doing so will ultimately be benficial to both Libereum as well as all the joining parties.

We aim for the best exchanges that, by offering Libereum on their exchange, will certainly add to the value of Libereum. We will announce the exchanges as soon as we are officially listed at any exchange in no specific order.
Libereum has negotiated listing on several major exchanges already but will not be listed before the Milestones have been achieved. The reasoning behind this is simple: As long as we have not reached all of our milestones the risk of a “dump” would be too high. And when the Liber is dumped prematurely it will be tough to use it for capital injections for example. We want to make sure that there is certain demand to our supply so that Liber is viable and can prosper from the achievements we announce.

Sports generally are all about partners and partnerships. We have Emirates being an important partner to several (big) Football Clubs and who doesn’t recognize the Playstation logo during the Champions League broadcast. Or Adidas as a proud partner of the World Cup? In our opinion partners can make a brand much stronger and that’s what we are looking for. Not only are we looking for partners that can make us stronger, but we want to return the favour. The stronger we are the more power we can return. It’s a possible scenario that we partner with a certain crypto exchange where the partnership would result in direct result for both us as well as the exchange.

The Libereum Clubs.
Why did we choose to focus on Football before anything else? Football is a sport that is widely known and played by millions of people worldwide. It is by far the most popular sport in the world and having not only millions of people actively participating in football but also billions of fans all over the globe we have confidence that combining crypto with football is the next step in the evolution of crypto and blockchain technologies. Starting with Football only seems logical.

With Libereum we aim to become the missing link between the “real” world and the crypto world. The value of fans is just as intangible as crypto itself and by combine these two we turn this to a tangible equity. You could also state that the more Liber the fans hold themselves the higher their stake in their club will be. That’s because by holding they add value to their club as the club is both a user and a holder of Liber themselves.


Libereum is not subject to competition as it widely scaleable. Our goal is to cooperate with as many clubs as possible all over the world. .


To make sure we are on top of future competion we set up "bank-like" stores in the major cities to ensure maximum adoption and keep in touch with our network.


Also scaleable to other sports and even corporations (with subscription based services). Libereum can diversify and grow almost indefinitely which means it's limitless.

Libereum for investors

You will be amongst the earliest of investors in Libereum during PRE-SALE and the Token Sale. After achieving all our milestones, the market will decide the price as we cannot influence Exchanges. What we can do is keep adding demand to Liber by expanding the Libereum Network. Basically, the earlier you invest the higher your return on investment will be if you have steady hands and are able to wait for at least twelve months before selling any of your acquired Libereum Tokens.

We have a few reasons why we believe in the success of Libereum:


We will slowly move from an optional payment with Libereum to a mandatory use of Libereum for sales in and around the clubs adding a huge userbase to our network.


We like to keep it simple. We cooperate with clubs, creating a new additional revenue stream and use the network of hundreds of thousands of fans and members to add demand to Libereum.


We will encourage sponsors and partners to use and acquire Libereum and use that as payment to fulfil their sponsor agreements.


Because we are already backed by industry professionals and over 400 investors who believe in the power of Libereum.

Our Goals

Initially we will start our endeavours by focussing on Football Clubs in Europe. Football is a sport that is widely known and played by millions of people worldwide. It is by far the most popular sport in the world and having not only millions of people actively participating in football but also billions of fans all over the globe we have confidence that combining crypto with football is the next step in the evolution of crypto and blockchain technologies. Libereum believes that by focussing on Football the milestones will be easier to achieve and thus the whole mission will be a greater success from the start.

But that’s not all. As we expand the Libereum project, more clubs will be added to the Libereum Network, creating new ecosystems around each club, which will enable us to create additional services and products that will inevitably add to the potential of the whole Libereum Network.

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