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Finding the best crypto opportunity to invest in is far from a walk in the park. Especially if you are a newcomer to the industry. With over 3000 cryptos it is hard to determine a “winner”.

It’s a tricky investment for starters and even experienced traders succumb to the volatility of the market more often than not. Not to mention the technological aspect of the learning process that might be too much for newcomers to comprehend before they invest and lose. While Bitcoin was king for the past years, we feel it’s time for a change.

Our goal

At Libereum, we believe that we have cracked the volatility problem. It all comes down to having an educated network of users who welcome the economy we create and are eager to become part of something bigger. Libereum’s main goal initially is to create a network of users within the sports industry. Focussing on both the professional as well as the amateur sport clubs in the world, we aim to create a network of active users of at least 100 million people.

By combining our knowledge of the crypto industry with the passion the fans and members have for their clubs we know that we will create an unbeatable network. Clubs within our network will profit from the value increase that will come from actively promoting the use of our currency. Due to the fact that our supply will never go beyond a set number of 100m the increased demand will make sure that there will be a gradually increasing value of our currency.

Users will be educated and stimulated to use the currency in various ways.

1) Hold on to Liber as an investment for the future

2) Use Liber to trade for goods and services

3) Use Liber for short term trading

4) See it as a “share” of their favourite club

5) Send Liber to any ERC20 compatible wallet in the world

Libereum has combined the best features of blockchain with the most popular sports in the world. That’s our take on gaining mainstream momentum for crypto currencies in general, but around Libereum in particular.

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