Pol Jorissen Sporthorses becomes Libereum Partner

Pol Jorissen Sporthorses joins Libereum

Libereum adds Equestrian sports to the network

With our new partner Pol Jorissen Sporthorses we take our first steps in a global multi-billion dollar market where Equastrian sportlovers are known to be wealthy and to spend a lot on either their horses or the equipment. Adding to the fact that the love for equestrian sports starts at a young age makes a partnership with Pol Jorissen Sporthorses one with enormous grow potential.

Sporthorses worldwide

Pol Jorissen Sporthorses is a worldwide recognized brand lead by Pol Jorissen himself. Their modern stables are located in the beautiful hills of the South Limburg Area. A stone’s throw away from the Mecca of equestrian sports, CHIO Aachen.

The stables are run by Pol and Audrey Jorissen. Pol has been a qualified ORUN -instructor since 1988. Additionally, he is very active in the national and international horse trading business and deals extensively in show jumpers, dressage horses, hunters and ponies.

They sell a wide range of horses and ponies, including talented show jumpers, dressage horses and ponies, recreational horses and ponies and all levels in between.
In addition to the sale of quality horses, Pol Jorissen Sporthorses offers riding classes for beginners and experienced riders.

No more horsing around

Adding Pol Jorissen Sporthorses to our network means we are adding a partner to our network that sells anywhere between 10-15 horses a year. Evidently the goal is to have these horse sale paid in our own currency. This will lead to a certain guaranteed level of demand for our currency which obviously benefits new investors as well as future owners of our crypto currency. Equestrian Sport is a worldwide billion dollar industry and we just started adding this industry to our network. With an influential and well known partner like Pol Jorissen on board it’s only a matter of time before other stables join the network.

Hold your horses

As part of the Libereum Network Pol Jorissen Sporthorses will add our currency as a preferred method of payment for overseas sales. In the current situation a sale can take up several weeks, from actually agreeing on the sale of a horse to the actual transfer of the money. With our crypto currency the transfer of the funds would nearly be immidiate taking out an unwanted long part of the sale.

While this is obviously a great approach to shorten the entire traject it offers other possibilities too. Not only the sale of a horse is a lengthy procedure, the actual raising, breaking and teaching of a horse is even a longer part of the proces. And this part is obviously unpaid as the stableholder themselves will engage in this process. It all leads to a certain price of the horse. With Liber the stableholder will purchase a certain amount of Liber against a certain value starting at the birth of the horse. By doing so they will be able to cover the costs of raising the horse and take even more profit from the sale of that horse by increasing demand while removing more and more of our currency from the open market. They become practical holders of our currency.

Further, rent for the stables and supplies for the horses can be paid in Liber as well.

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