Qidzz Joins the Libereum Network


Qidzz Fashion has become a household name in the Dutch region of South Limburg. The company has only been around since 2017 many parents of the popular tourist region have become regulars when it comes down to choosing their children’s apparel and accessories.

All the kids

Being based the rural town of Vaals, which is well known for the fact that it is one of the only places where one can visit three borders (Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands), Qidzz Fashion has been able to reach a high percentage of the local children. Many local kids are seen dressed in the clothes they sell and many parents have come to know the amicable owners Bryan and Kelly personally. Their children even act as models for the clothes that are up for sale.

No Borders, All Network

Having Qidzz as part of the Libereum Network means that we have taken the first steps in creating a network of Libereum users in a region that is widely known to be a huge tourist attraction. People from all over the world come to visit the local forests, the historical monuments and pay a visit to the nearby cities of Aachen and Maastricht. Showing that we are building a network in the centre of this popular Dutch tourist hotspot ensures that the spread of Libereum will continue even beyond the local borders.

Big steps for Qidzz

Qidzz, as a Libereum Network Partner, will actively engage their customers in joining the Libereum Network themselves and prepare to accept the Libereum currency as a payment method in the future. Due to the economic troubles brought by the COVID Lockdown they have been looking to expand their business and have come to the conclusion that joining the Libereum Network might be exactly the next step to take to create a new revenue stream and a way to build up a certain buffer in case the future brings us more lockdowns.

Libereum is extremely delighted to add Qidzz Fashion to our expanding network of business partners and are looking forward building a network with them. As brave partners who are favoured by fortune.

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