Care line Beauty becomes Libereum partner

Life is beautiful with care line beauty in our network

Adding Care Line Beauty to our growing network is a perfect example of how diverse the Libereum Network is set up to be. Obviously, our first and important priority is to build a network in and around sportclubs but, the network around the sportclubs consist of small business owners and companies. So adding another “smaller” partner who has direct contact with her customers is an ideal situation. Carolien Colleije – Vermeulen, owner of Care Line Beauty, is a seasoned, socially engaged entrepeneur who has become a specialist in the products she uses during the sessions  and sells in her beauty salon.

Personal care is beautiful

The Big Spa resorts that are known in the region have their natural hot mineral springs which we all enjoy every once in a while. The services they offer are focussed on the masses and therefore you cannot enjoy any decent beauty treatment like Care Line offers.

Taking away the focus on the masses leaves a lot of room for a personal approach. That’s what differentiates Care Line from like of Carolus Thermen and Thermea 2000. Your treatment is up close and personal and will give you better results than any of the bigger Spas can offer you. And this personal approach is a big plus when it comes down to talking to your clients about the new economy Libereum will become.

Libereum's vision fits carelessly

Our vision could be summed up as the mission to create a transparant, self-regulating, decentralized social crypto economic network where value is added by demand. Carolien, who only works with products that are environmentally friendly and make sure they don’t take without giving, is the perfect embodiment of how to combine our vision with her approach. Therefore, we consider Care Line as equally important as all the other partners.

Care Line Beauty will accept Liber as a payment for the beauty products and the treatments. Her clients will be actively engaged in becoming a part of the Libereum Network themselves.