Libereum adds Parrot & Raccoon Mobile to the expanding network

Parrot & Raccoon

Joining the Libereum Network, Parrot & Raccoon Mobile was born from several different companies a couple of years ago combining over 20 years of experience in telecom, sales and repairs. It’s the one stop shop for all services that telecommunication has to offer. Next to everything mobile phone related they also cooperate with entities like Unified Retail Services and NutSelect to broaden their range of products and deliver the best available offer regarding internet services and energy contracts to their customers.

Crypto Ready

The owners are well know in the region and are experienced entrepeneurs themselves. So connecting new users to the Libereum network will come easy for them. There is even a Bitcoin ATM in their store which makes them the perfect addition to the Libereum Network.

Co-owner Richard Richarz, formally managing partner of De Bedrijfsadviseur, states: „it’s a logical step to take in the current evolving economic landscape, to join a crypto network like Libereum. Having known Libereum and it’s team for several years now, it’s just imperative to add ourselves to their network.“

The last shop on the left

Their approach is pro-active in the shop, geographically literally the last shop before you leave the Netherlands, where customers are treated like best friends and advised as such. And who wouldn’t advise their friends to join the Libereum Network themselves?

Their shop is open 5 days a week and next to phoneservices, energy contracts and internet services they also act as a DHL service point. In other words, nearly every resident of Vaals visits them at some time which makes them the perfect “libereum-spreader“.

Parrot & Raccoon Mobile will actively participate in advising customers to purchase Liber and will accept Liber as an alternative payment method in the future.

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