Aixclusive Werbetechnik becomes Libereum Network Partner

Aachen based Aixclusive Werbetechnik has opted to become an official Libereum network partner. The business is currently located at the Adalbertsteinweg in Aachen but is preparing to move to a bigger office in the near future. This move presents the perfect opportunity to actively join and participate in growing the Libereum network. Having partners like Aixclusive, with a network of businesses of themselves, makes adding Aachen to the Libereum network a whole lot easier.  Their clients range from small business owners all around the region to the bigger companies who have offices and factories in the Aachen region.

growth strategy

With nearly 250.000 inhabitants Aachen can become one of the prime locations in the near-future to build the network. Besides the fact that it’s situated around the corner of Libereum’s HQ, the city is also known for their rich history, culture and their Universities. Students from all over the world study at the different highly recognized and respected universities around the city. This offers another possibility for Libereum as the younger generations are more likely to join an economic network like Libereum and thus will become an important part of our future.

Future Proof

Aixclusive is the first step in gaining momentum in the region of Aachen and perhaps because of this already one of the more important partners of Libereum already. Volkan Erisoglu, co-owner of Aixclusive, states that although crypto currencies seem to become a big part of our future, stepping into it still seems like far away. However, with a company like Libereum just around the corner, taking these steps becomes a lot easier from the start. That’s the reason they have decided to become a Libereum Network Partner.

The partnership will include selling Liber to their clients, prepare clients towards a mandatory payment in Liber in the future and designing, printing and assembling marketing materials like banners, flyers and advertising signs.  

Aixclusive Werbetechnik’s corebusiness is the creation, production and assembly of marketing and design materials like vehicle prints, 3D lighting and Lightboxes and prints on different materials.

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