FeGu Montage & Onderhoud wordt Libereum Partner

Improving homes and the Libereum network

With FeGu Montage & Onderhoud another local company joins the evergrowing Libereum Network. By adding a locally known and respected company like FeGu Libereum manages to continue building a strong network of partners that are surrounding the headoffice of the company.

While the network of partners grows we experience a lot of interest in the crypto industry as of late. Obviously most interest goes out to the price explosion of Bitcoin following Elon Musk and Tesla’s announcement of the purchase of 1,5 billion USD worth of Bitcoin in the last couple of months. While this drives most of the attention to Bitcoin we get more and more attention from investors and partners that feel Bitcoin is a bridge too far. And since we build a network of partners from a local perspective people see us as the perfect solution to start with.

Building a network brick by brick

Just like FeGu builds and renovates, we also have decided to build our network brick by brick. As long as we keep building partnerships we will keep growing beyond comprehension. At the end everybody is welcome in our network as they see it’s one of the best built structures there is to be found in the industry.

First time crypto investors feel safe as we help them and guide them in installing their first wallet, how to backup their keys up until their very first transaction. And for people that are still not sure we even offer payment via banktransfer as we are one of the few crypto companies with a bank account. How is that for a foundation?

Digging deeper

Ferry Gulpen, owner of FeGu, was not acquinted with crypto at first. Obviously he heard about the incredible increase in price as of recent but still, Bitcoin remains virtual and thus not tangible for him and many others. Within a couple of minutes of explaining about crypto in general and the benefits of joining Libereum he understood that it was no longer non-tangible. We didn’t have to dig very deep to get him to realize that joining the Libereum network as a partner would benefit him in many ways.

Digging deeper wasn’t necessary as he quickly understood what joining the network and getting ready for the crypto industry meant. For all the questions that haven’t been answered or even asked yet he can rest assured as he can contact us at any time.

We are proud to have another local partner that we can add to our growing network.