Mill Tailoring becomes Libereum partner

Exclusive tailored suits

Mill Tailoring, exclusive tailored suit supplier for the southern region of the Netherlands, partnered with the Libereum Network. Mill Tailoring is well known for the high quality suits it delivers and has a broad range of high profile clients. Millanie Crutzen, the owner and designer of the suits is also involved in teaching and mentoring well known brands in new styles and approaches.

Mill Tailoring is located in the heart of touristic hotspot Valkenburg in Limburg and covers many clients from all over the region.

Suit up for the suit club

Having a partner like Mill Tailoring on board adds a demand of an annual 400 exclusive tailored suits to the network. The demand for the suits comes from business clients, grooms-to-be and people with good taste in general. Mill Tailoring also hosts an exclusive “Suitclub” where business owners and high level individuals are brought together a couple of times a year during special events (Due to the Covid related lockdown the events have been halted for now).

During these events participants are introduced to top entrepreneurs and influencial business people which makes Mill Tailoring the perfect partner for Libereum. Members of the Suitclub will be introduced to Libereum and engaged to join the network during these events. Thus Mill Tailoring will have a significant role to play in the evergrowing Libereum chain.

Suitable partnership

Next to the possibilities the partnership with Mill Tailoring offers we believe that having a respected partner like Mill Tailoring shows that we are on the right track of becoming the large crypto economic network as we envision it.

Therefore we are glad to announce that the partnership will be beneficial for both Libereum and Mill Tailoring. As Liber will be accepted as payment for the suits, we will position Mill Tailoring as the go-to address for all our partners when it comes down to exclusive tailored suits.