Nalin Grill House becomes Libereum network partner

Pay with liber for your take-away

Vaals, the city that is famous for the fact that it is located between three border, hosts a wide variety of gastronomic establishments. With Nalin Grill House we present our first partnership in this sector, with the mission to add a lot more establishments to our growing network of partners.

Our partners are committed to and share our vision in creating a new crypto economic network based on our native Libereum cryptocurrency. They will accept our currency as a valid method of paymentand will use the opportunities presented to them to promote Libereum among their customers. Nalin Grill House will be no different from the other partners.

Covid19 and the neverending lockdown

Most of the partners we add to our network experience severe economic consequences due to the COVID related lockdown. And the gastronomic sector might be hit the hardest of all sectors. That’s where Libereum might become the lifeline they are grasping for.

As most restaurants and bars have a lot of regulars who are not allowed to visit them at the moment, turnover of these establishments has never been so catastrophic.

With Libereum, establishments now get the chance to engage their customers to join an economic network as “holders” which will result in a value increase for themselves too. So in this case both the establishments and the customers can profit from holding our currency.

Food is life, Network is liber

Nalin Grill House might be our first gastronomic establishment but it surely won’t be the last. Food is an important part of life and we feel adding as much establishments as possible will benefit the Libereum network and it’s partners tremendously.

Where not everybody might be interested in purchasing a horse or a suit, people tend to need food to survive. So focussing on food establishments next to sport clubs basically covers two of life’s most important needs. Step by step we will add more and more establishments to our evergrowing network. Starting in Vaals and slowly engulfing the region with Liber accepting restaurants and bars.

Doing so building a network that will become inevitable.